Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DoTerra Essential Oils

Greetings everyone –

I have been using DoTerra oils  for a while and love them!  I wanted to pass along and open information up to my family & friends.    I used to pick up oils at the Food Coop / Whole Foods, but have found a significant difference with the quality of DoTerra oils.  They are therapeutic grade, just like the Young Living Oils (another oil company).  A little goes a long ways.  They can be applied topically, put in a diffuser or used as a room spray.  The options are endless.  I have one that I especially love, Wild Orange, that I put a drop in about 16 oz of water.  I’ve tried different powder packets or liquid drops from the store, but have found this flavoring to be the best.   I use many of the single oils or blend them together to support my family’s health.   I have a diffuser that I also use and have it going throughout the house. 

Here is a link that can provide you with more information on pricing, options, etc.  They have a great link to their DoTerra Living magazine and product guide that can provide you with more information.  If you are interested in more information or would like to try them out, send me a note.   Blessings for the New Year!