Saturday, November 23, 2013

Got Junk? - Part II

Our invention box has moved indoors!  With the weather turning to 10 degrees, I needed to get our invention area arranged for the kids.  The invention materials used to sit in a box that would get pulled out every now and again during the cold winter months.  This seemed completely backwards to me!  When we get into a creative state of mind, we need to have the materials available!
I recycled a toy box that we were already using and added all of the invention materials to it.  Where did I get the invention materials?  I gathered things that may typically get thrown away, such as:  empty paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, string, pumps from lotion bottles, covers to bottles, cardboard that comes in packaging, etc.  Just make sure to rinse any items that have food or lotion on them before you add them to the box.  I then have a supply area that contains scissors, masking tape, scotch tape, glue, string and duct tape.  I set it up in a designated area and let the kids dive into the box!  I'll post a few of the inventions that the kids created.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mr. Nordlie, Thank You!

A simple thank you is all it takes, but sometimes we weren't in the moment to recognize when the thank you was needed. We have all had those teachers that have left an impact on us and those that had a day to day presence that is vividly remembered. The contributions you made to all of us are immeasurable and the lessons so important. Thank you for never being afraid to greet us like real people and creating an environment each and every day that was memorable. Your simple gestures and words of encouragement will always continue! Thank you Mr. Nordlie!! If you have a favorite memory, what was it?