Saturday, August 27, 2011

Got junk? Create an Invention Box for the Kids!

It is a beautiful Saturday morning to get out our Invention Box.  Ava LOVES this box!  The next time you think about throwing something away, decide if that junk would be a good addition for your Invention Box.  Just make sure all the containers are cleaned and washed out! 
It could be anything…here are just a few things that are in our box:  spray pump from an empty bottle, paper towel tube, rubber bands, sponges, empty coffee can, endless covers from containers, old stickers,  small cardboard boxes, anything that is shiny and sparkly, old wires, etc.  You can also go around your house and see if there are any extra things you might want to add like Q-tips, straws, cotton balls, etc.   
The only extras that I provide are a pair of scissors, glue bottle and a few drops of paint that she can jazz her project up with! Take a look at the pictures to give you a little idea.  When I pulled the box out today, Ava decided that she was going to make a giraffe.  It then turned into being an elephant. Love how the mind of a 3 year old works!   A few hours later you can see what her version of an elephant looks like!  Enjoy! 


Brooke Brockman said...

What a good idea~! She's going to have such a good imagination.

Jessie Thompson said...

I LOVE this idea!!! This is the perfect idea to help ease my guilt for throwing out still cool things and to help my kids in their creativity journey. I am going to go get a bin as soon as I am done with this comment.:)

I am looking forward to our photo shoot this weekend! Your kids are adorable!