Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Must-Take Photo Checklist

I love photography and can spend endless hours looking at tips, techniques and ideas!  The summer flies by way too fast and wanted to capture every moment of summer.  Here are a few ideas of photos to capture throughout the summer with your family:

à        Playing in the sand at the beach
à        Doing a summer craft
à        Swinging
à        Eating sweet corn and watermelon
à        Watering the garden
à        Picking fresh food from the garden
à        Picking strawberries
à        Drinking lemonade or selling it at your lemonade stand
à        Flying a kite
à        Roasting a marshmallow
à        Water balloon fight
à        A summer picnic

If you would like a copy of the list, click here to like me on FACEBOOK and then I can provide you with the checklist.  You can find the full list of ideas here in my Must-Take Summer Photo Checklist. Download it and put it in your camera bag!  Now get out there and soak up this beautiful day!  What are some of your favorite moments to capture throughout the summer?

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