Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Must-Take Photo Checklist

Before all the leaves are blown from the trees this weekend, I wanted to share my Fall Must-Take Photo Checklist.  It is just a few ideas to use when taking phtographs this fall.  Here are just a few things you can capture this fall:

à        Carved pumpkin

à        Cozy sweater while sitting by a fire

à        Ringing the doorbell while trick or treating

à        Details of your Halloween costume

à        Initials carved in a pumpkin

à        Favorite Halloween book

à        Raking the leaves

à        Basket full of apples

à        Picking apples at the orchard

à        Sitting in a pile of pumpkins

à        Sitting on a bale of hay

à        Biking down the street surrounded by fall colors

à        A tasty apple

à        Thanksgiving tradition

à        Write in chalk what you are thankful for

You can find the full list of ideas here in my Must-Take Fall Photo Checklist. Download it and put it in your camera bag! Now get out there and soak up this beautiful day! What are some of your favorite moments to capture throughout the fall?
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